This site is our forthcoming Object Storage proof of concept.

It will be similar to Amazon S3 but built with BitScope Clusters.

Bootstrap of the prototype is planned soon.

Contact us for more information.

Raspberry Pi Scalable Object Storage Solutions

Following our exhibit at SC17 of one of the Raspberry Pi BitScope Cluster modules we built for Los Alamos National Laboratory, we received quite a few enquiries about whether these clusters could also be used to build scalable distributed object storage solutions.

We don't see why not, so we'll give it a shot and build one to prove the concept. It won't be high bandwidth when accessing a single object but it will be highly distributed and scale well when accessing a large number of objects simultaneously. The domain name is where we will host it. In fact, there is some data there already. For example, the page you're reading now is actually stored object TBQY98X9. Try typing into your browser and see what happens.

We haven't published or publicly shared anything about this project other than what you're reading now. Visiting an object we shared with you is probably how you found out about it, right? At the moment, the data that is here is served via an AWS instance, not a BitScope Storage Cluster and it is (intentionally) not a searchable store. That will change when we're up and running but the URLs we use should not change (much).

Contact us if you want more information or to become involved at an early stage.